What is ectropion?

Ectropion is a medical condition where the eyelid, usually the lower eyelid, is turns outwards. This could cause drying of the eye and symptoms such as irritation and burning. At the same time, tear secretion is observed. The condition is widespread, as it is most common in the elderly people.

What are the ectropion symptoms?

The ectropion symptoms include redness and irritation around the eye, sensitivity to light and wind, sagging of the skin around the eyes, excessive tear secretion and reduced vision, especially if the cornea is damaged.


Ectropion diagnostics

Diagnosis is determined by visual examination by an ophthalmologist. Special tests are usually not necessary because the symptoms and signs of an ectropion are quite clear.

You should go to a doctor immediately if you have reduced vision, eye pain, sensitivity to light or severe redness of the eye.

Treatment of ectropion

The treatment of ectropion is a surgery that removes excess skin. The results are excellent if the operation is done before the cornea is damaged.