Intraocular lenses

Types of intraocular lenses

The intraocular lens is an artificial lens that replaces the cloudy human lens (cataract) and restores the visual function of the eye.

Historically, the first intraocular lenses were rigid. This disadvantage required a large operation incision, sutures and long recovery period. Patients with rigid intraocular lenses often develop astigmatism after the surgery.

Вътреочни лещи

The rigid intraocular lenses have their historical importance, but they have given way to a new generation of intraocular lenses – soft intraocular lenses. The soft intraocular lenses are inserted through a very small opening, which makes the surgery sutureless and the recovery period much shorter.

The soft intraocular lenses offered at Eye Hospital Luxor are several models and have the necessary UV filter for protection of harmful sunrays.

Monofocal lenses

The common soft intraocular lenses are monofocal, i.e. they provide one focus for clear vision – for a long distance, and for close distance (reading) it is necessary to wear glasses.

The more advanced monofocal intraocular lenses have a specific design - an aspheric shape that allows extremely precise focusing of the light rays on the retina and greater viewing contrast.

When the monofocal lens has an additional yellow filter, it protects not only the harmful UV light, but also from the high-energy spectrum of the blue light that can damage the nerve cells in the eye (retina). It is believed that the natural human lens is also slightly yellowish and this filter can provide greater viewing comfort.

When the monofocal lens with supplement for middle distance the patients still need reading glasses, but with these lenses, mid-distance objects (about 80 cm) are seen much more clearly compared to the traditional monofocal lenses.

Toric lenses

Patients with astigmatism require implantation of a special lens, which compensates for this visual anomaly.

It is called a toric and has an additional diopter, which helps the precise focusing of the light on the retina.

Without the toric lens, the patients with astigmatism must wear glasses for both close and long distance.

Multifocal lenses

The most advanced lenses are the so-called multifocal lenses. As their name indicates, these lenses have several focuses of clear vision. This advantage allows the patients to be independent of glasses – they can see clearly at close, middle and long distance. These lenses are particularly suitable for people unwilling to wear glasses and for people whose glasses would be an obstacle in their profession – surgeons, actors, athletes and others.

If the patient suffers from astigmatism, it is necessary to add a toric component to the modern multifocal lenses, in order to eliminate the necessity of wearing glasses. These are the so-called multifocal toric lenses.

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