Useful information

Administrative services

Written notice of death

Issued within several hours after death

Issuance of sick leaf certificate from attending physicians/ dentists and medical committee

Issued upon discharge of the patient within the working day

Issuance of duplicate of sick leaf certificate

Issued upon request

Issuance of medical documentation /prescriptions, instructions, protocols, certificates, expertise, etc./

Issued immediately after the outpatient check-up or the inpatient stay

Issuance of interim medical report upon transfer of patient from one hospital to another.

Issued immediately before the transfer of the patient

Issuance of discharge summary upon the discharge of a patient from inpatient hospital or social-medical home.

Discharge summary is issued when the patient is discharged and termination of the hospital stay

Provision of health information by the healthcare institution regarding the patient's health, including copies of his medical records
As per pricelist

Health information from the medical establishment is provided after the submission of request, within two working days of its submission

Presenting heirs and relatives of direct or collateral line up to fourth degree with medical information about the deceased patient and providing copies of medical records
As per pricelist

The information is provided within two working days after submitting a request

*Note: Copies of medical records relating to the patient's health and health information are given after a preliminary request is made within two working days.

*Note: The payment of the abovementioned services is done according to pricelist of Specialized Eye Hospital Luxor Ltd, Plovdiv