Strabismus (crossed eyes)

What is Strabismus (crossed eyes)?

Strabismus, or crossed eyes, is the obvious deviation of one eyeball. It is treatable, but in order to overcome not only the cosmetic defect, but also to restore the normal functioning of the visual apparatus, it is necessary to start the treatment early and to carry it out stubbornly.

In some types of strabismus (accommodative esotropia), the wearing of glasses leads to a reduction or disappearance of the deviation. Surgery is recommended only after all other methods of treatment and recovery have been exhausted. The most commonly used surgical technique is to weaken the action of the "stronger" muscle, as it is moved backwards, and to strengthen the action of the "weaker" muscle, which is shortened and moved forward.

Causes of Strabismus

The causes of crossed eye could be different, but they most often are:

  • very high and/ or different diopter of the eyes
  • disturbed balance between the operation of the extraocular muscles (they are six for each eye)
  • palsy or paralysis of the nerves controlling the external eye muscles
Kривогледство (Страбизъм)